The Amani Peoples Theatre (APT) Trauma Healing model is structured within a group process. All creative arts interventions are introduced within the safe space of the group, which acts as a microcosm of a perfect community in which risks can be taken and personal metaphors explored. Within the group, each creative multi-arts intervention flows from one to another in seamless transitions to enhance personal and interpersonal connections. The message in the APT multi-arts healing process is one of health, community connectedness (we are not in this alone) and we can have fun. Language is crucial in labelling individuals and groups. We do not do therapy nor do we diagnose, treat, or label our participants. Since its beginning in 1994, APT multi-arts healing process workshops have been invitations to imagination and healing, not PRESCRIPTION group therapy sessions. This differentiation in language parallels recent efforts to promote mental health within the entire community and to encourage preventive health and skills building.

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