I am a bodaboda rider(motorcyclist) and I remember not long ago in mid-2018 around May I had transported two customers, a lady and her brother from Meteitei area heading to Kopere town. By that time, I was oblivious that chaos had already broken out from Kopere area claiming they were going to beat the Luos who came to fetch water from their spring at the hills. I rode my bike with my two passengers till Kopere. On getting to the area locals had already driven out members of Nandi tribe and I had no idea on what had transpired. I saw one man heading towards me shouting, "Remove that bike from here!", meanwhile, he was carrying a boulder of rock over his shoulders.

I still remember his face until now. Luckily for me, a friend of mine appeared and whispered to me that something had happened and warned me to leave as soon as possible. I was still astonished on what had happened and amidst my disbelief, the guy with the huge rock was still headed towards me and the women who are fishmongers in the area quickly told me to leave before things got out of hand. In the meantime, I had left other fellow motorcyclists behind and I was the one who got at Kopere first. Immediately got on my motorbike and took the young lady and her brother with me. On getting to the junction I got a huge number of motorcyclists discussing on what had happened, claiming they had attacked the Luos who were fetching water from their side and in return, the Luos had decided to retaliate by chasing them away and threatening to harm any member of Nandi tribe they came across. I clearly remember all those who wanted to harm me and I even see them up to dsate. It hurts me sometimes thinking about the issue because if the guy had struck me with the huge rock I would have been injured seriously or even lost my life in that event. What hurts me more is the fact that these people knew me very well and I was not a stranger in their eyes. Nonetheless, I am grateful to APT because through numerous workshops and training on trauma healing I am happy to say that I feel relieved having let out the anger that I harboured within me.

-Community Member and Animator, APT.

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