In the year 2012 during  August holidays. We had a conflict between communities based in Soweto east and Nyayo Highrise area( Luhya and Kisi's). I was a peace marshal through APT.

I decided to share my worries on the looming conflict arising to a new community-based organisation that I had formed called Kibera Reformation and transformation centre (KRTC). The aim was to look at the conflict that was happening and find a way of resolving the conflict using the skills acquired from APT  methods of conflict resolution.

I managed to organise my members and through them I made a very good skit about the two communities fighting and asked APT to chip in to help solve the conflict.

At first, it was difficult to invite the community members at the grassroots level because of the conflict. I tried to talk to my best friends and listen to their views and ideas of why the conflict has gone to such an extent. I  listened and noted something issues said, But I could not take it as the main root course before I could listen to both sides in which I found out that the problem was as a result of grabbing of kiosks.

The cause of the conflict was due to two people who had no kiosks there and they laid claim to have been there for more than ten years so they canít miss-allocation of the kiosks. Yet the "refugees" ( Abagusii) have two.

During that period the administration of high rise(chief)APT, and KRTC officials sat down and thought of how we can restore peace in that area since it had reached a point that the warring groups were now carrying pangas. I decided to play my role as a young leader of the community and planned for a day of solving the problem. I allocated it to be on 26th/8/2012 at high rise parking bay, the day was on Sunday.

I tend to select  Sunday's since it's a day majority of community members are present. We began to mobilize the people through invisible theatre techniques which brought attention to every member to view it.

We could even hear some people saying "Rafanan na venye tulikuwa tunafanya" which means it resembles the way we were doing as people continue to approach the actors the area chief was present and Maxwell who was an APT program officer by then.

The chief addressed the community and called out the two key people from both sides by there names and said it in public are these the people who had missed the allocation of kiosks, the crowd responded yes it's them.

He then said I am going to give them one each to run their business the crowd were happy and started saying "Heriko chief sasa" which meant better chief now. This cooled the anxiety of members of the community. I would want to thank  and appreciate   the training and support from APT because assuming I had no idea I donít think whether there could be peace and if it could be, then   maybe after   a long time,.Since  am a peace marshal I will also request  APT to continue with their program to other areas so that we may have  many peace marshals spread  in many  areas in areas in Kibera and other slums like Mathare,kawangrawe,majengo and mukuru.

Through the peace education program, I can say that helped prevent the violence that was planned in Kibera for the 2013 election for sure we are happy for the Kibera community for keeping the peace because it a of place where politicians invest their money to pay youths to cause chaos in their mutual benefit.

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