Since inception in 1994, APT has focused on providing training in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding using participatory approaches. This still remains the main focus of the organisation.


Amani Peoples Theatre (APT) strives to provide space and skills for individuals and communities to respond to conflict in all its forms and in all levels of society in a creative and redemptive way that reaffirms the sanctity of human life.


APT envisions a peaceful, developed and egalitarian society that upholds human dignity.


Founded in 1994, APT is an initiative of African peace-builders, artists, human rights defenders, conflict and peacebuilding specialists, and experts committed to utilizing their talents and skills in participatory methodologies to fashion stories of peace, human rights with communities.


Amani peoples theatre offers opportunities for everyone to experience the work that they do with different communities in Kenya.


Amani Peoples Theatre (APT) is an initiative of African artiste- peace builders. Founded in 1994, APT brings together a group of volunteer artists committed to utilizing their talents and skills in drama and theatre in fashioning a story of peace with communities. The theatre for peace process integrates education, entertainment and research in exploring context specific conflict issues and enhancing the search for creative non-violent responses to conflict.

APT mainly works with grassroots and middle level communities in both rural and urban Kenya and people in difficult circumstances. APT has conducted workshops and performances in Kenya, the greater East Africa region, Sudan, Europe, and America.

The educational, therapeutic and meditative elements of African indigenous theatre as well as the theories of the Brazilian educators Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal inspire the work of the organization.

APT makes a difference by weaving together the performance Arts, Peace education, Reconciliation and African traditional forms of performance and rituals in order to increase the peoples knowledge and sensitivity, expand their awareness and creativity, sharpen their understanding and caring-all with the conviction that the cultural enlightenment and community involvement in fashioning stories of peace, can help lead a more civil society.

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Amani Peoples Theatre offers opportunities for mature adults to experience the work that they do with different communities in Kenya


APT is heavily rooted in African Traditional models of communication such as storytelling and also informed by the theories and works of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal.


Interns and volunteers must apply in advance and negotiate with the organization in order to tailor a package that best suits the intern/volunteer and the organization on one hand, and the beneficiary community on the other. Kindly contact us via email at apt@aptkenya.org


A unique training workshop conducted in Kenya for anyone willing to journey into the African world of the theatre of the oppressed.

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